About Us


Increase process efficiency and decrease energy consumption.

HTS, A Division of Classic Industrial Services offers innovative Steam and Electric Heating Solutions tailored to your specific process needs. We specialize in freeze protection and process temperature maintenance applications.

At HTS, our Innovative Heating Solutions can efficiently and effectively compensate for pipes or vessels’ heat loss, provide freeze protection for piping and vessels, and prevent the risk of costly operation down time.

Our Innovative Solutions are engineered per end user specifications, local, state, and federal codes and standards.

HTS offers many Innovative Heating Solutions, but are not limited to the following products & services:

  • Electric & Steam Tracing Systems
  • Electronic or Mechanical Control System
  • Electrical Distribution System
  • Recommendation or Provision of Insulation System

Our team of expert professionals are here to help you run your process in a more efficient and economical manner possible and prevent.

Please contact us today for more information about our unique HTS services.