Construction and Commissioning Services

HTS offers full-scope construction and commissioning services to ensure your heat tracing systems are installed correctly and functioning at peak efficiency. Our expert team is equipped to handle every aspect of installation, from initial setup to final testing, ensuring your system is optimized for performance and reliability.

Training Programs

We provide comprehensive training for all levels of operation, from basic system management to advanced troubleshooting. Our hands-on approach ensures that your staff are fully equipped to maintain and operate your heat tracing systems effectively, maximizing system uptime and efficiency.

Panel Maintenance Program

Prepare for the colder months with our Panel Maintenance Program. We conduct thorough inspections and maintenance activities to ensure your heat tracing systems are in optimal condition, ready to perform when you need them most.

Winterization Audit Services

Our Winterization Audit Services are designed to assess and ensure that your facilities are fully prepared for the winter season. We evaluate your existing heat tracing systems and recommend enhancements to improve efficiency and prevent downtime due to cold weather conditions.

Project Estimates

HTS provides detailed project estimates, helping you understand the scope and budget of your heat tracing needs. Our estimates cover all aspects of your project, from materials and labor to timeframes, ensuring you have a clear picture of your project requirements.

Construction Services

Beyond our specialized heat tracing solutions, HTS, in partnership with our parent company, provides comprehensive construction services. This includes scaffolding, coating, and insulation, offering a holistic approach to your project needs.

Turnkey Solutions for Heat Tracing Needs

HTS is your one-stop solution for all heat tracing requirements. Leveraging the expertise and resources of our parent company, we offer turnkey solutions encompassing scaffolding, coating, insulation, and comprehensive heat tracing services. From initial design and project estimation to construction and maintenance, we ensure seamless project execution to meet your specifications and standards.