Recognizing Safety Week with HTS

Welcome to our Safety week, in recognition of promoting safety within our organization.

Every member within HTS bears the responsibility for ensuring not only their own safety but also that of the entire team and those in their vicinity. Hence, fostering an inclusive and supportive atmosphere is paramount. Such an environment should foster open communication, a sense of ownership, and a spirit of collaboration. It should encourage every individual to freely share their ideas, express their needs, and voice their concerns without apprehension of criticism or negative consequences.

In the collaborative effort with API Group, our Safety week theme is “Value Every Voice”.

This year’s Safety Week theme is “Value Every Voice”.  The safety, health, and well-being of all our leaders is our number one value.  We believe that safety is not just physical, it’s also psychological. The act of providing an environment where people feel safe to bring up concerns and voice their opinions by Speaking Up provides psychological safety to our team members.

Speaking Up – We want everyone to feel safe reporting anything they believe MAY be…

Recognizing any potential safety hazards means, “Stopping Work Responsibly

It is imperative to speak up promptly regarding any potentially unsafe conditions or practices, whether they are currently unfolding, have occurred previously, or are anticipated in the future, at HTS, we take all safety hazards seriously. We want all of our workers to be safe and feel safe.

Addressing Ethics in the Workplace

While it may be difficult to discuss or address ethics in the workplace, it is important to discuss any potential and unethical events that may be occurring in the present or in the past and even in the near future. All concerns are taken seriously and with the highest degree of our safety measures.


Speaking up about incidents that may have led to work-related bodily injury, property damage, or other risks to our team members or business. Addressing concerns and past risks and/or damage is a reminder why Safety is imperative for our workers, inside the workplace and out in the field.